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Virtual CISO

At JED Consulting Services, LLC we are now offering a virtual CISO for the health care industry.

At JED a vCISO( Virtual Chief Information Security Officer ) is derived from someone who is security leader that can support and mature an organization's security program and act as a senior adviser to an existing CISO, CIO, govenor or board.

While every client relationship is unique, typical areas of focus JED's Virtual CISO includes:

1. Meeting with executives, c-level sponsors, key IT stakeholders

2. Establishing a working cybersecurity program.

3. Formulating security governance and managing identified risks.

4..Working with IT, client business partners, and CIO to remediate risks

5. Providing reports and dashboards to track risks.

6. Implementing cyber security best practices

7. Creating, editing and or reviewing policies and procedures

8. Providing cybersecurity training

Benefits of hiring JED's Virtual CISO includes

1. Having someone manage multiple projects because risk assessment results showed and an increase in remediation.

2. Having an advisor to support security goals when speaking to the board or the public.

3. Having an advisor when there is lack experienced resources to maturity with experience in your industry.

Contact us to today to determine if a vitual CISO is right for your organization.

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