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Critical Security Controls

Why Choose JED Consulting Services LLC?

Our Unrivaled Passion for Cyber Security and Being the Best Means Superior Solutions that Work You. My job is to help you achieve success. We will deliver a path forward by balancing realities and maturity.

John Donnelly and Sons has a rich history and successful history based on trust. Beginning in late 1800s our ancestors have served as trusted business partners to countless clients of varying sizes across a number of industries.

Our founders started with a vision of being good community partner and the money and profits will come after we recognize that we are all in this together. We have evolved and grown with the country, all while carrying a proud heritage of business excellence. Today, JED is well known and respected for our innovative and for putting our employers first. We are still committed to three essential values.

1) Leading with perspective as your partner- we move the industry forward with our unique insights, points of view, ideas and solutions, leading our employers,clients, and each other to think beyond the ordinary.

2) Working in the trenches as your resource to understand your needs as team member and acting in the principle that your success is ours. We dig into your problems and evaluate the bigger picture , then unite the optimal people , technology and know how to execute the most effective solutions.

3) We are relentlessly focused on enabling your success, freeing your organization and your people to move swiftly on the path to progress.

JED's only job is to help you achieve success like his ancestors have continued done for over 150 years. Through wars and peace John Donnelly has stepped up to provide solutions to major issues facing not only individual organizations but our commun