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Your Role as an JED Consulting Analyst:


There is never a typical day at JED, but that is why people love it here. As a new Consulting Analyst, you will work alongside clients as you help them make a real difference  to their customers, 

What Do We Do ?

John's Enterprise Defender(JED) security practice is a Managed Security Services (MSS) firm that is developing a global team of top security talent, innovative  technologies and security-as-a service operating models to help clients rapidly scale security and compliance operations.

What do we do?

#1) Cyber Security: Identify vulnerabilities and find solutions that keep your data secure.

Gathering information is an important step in an assessment. JED Consulting can use custom developed tools, to determine your internet foot print. Cyber defense includes advisory and implementation services to help clients mitigate risks and benefit from technology innovations and proven models. We help clients build resilience across traditional networks and all endpoints. These include cloud, mobile and internet of things. 


#2) Incident Response: We can help you develop new and effective ways to identify, assess and remove attackers.  Attackers achieve results through persistence. Not only do they want to gain access to systems, they want to remain hidden.

#3 Data Analytics: Develop a customized data analytics program to improve audit efficiency, reduce costs, and target fraud and abuse.

#4 Audit & Advisory: Enhance  your internal controls to streamline business processes and build effective governance, we can review your internal network infrastructure. During this assessment we look for security issues resulting from the configuration in addition to the services to assess enterprise risks, protect valuable assets and support the development of business-driven, risk focused security strategies, operating models and compliance plans.

#5) Data Privacy: Assess and improve your privacy program to meet compliance standards, such as Critical Controls, NIST, FISMA , & HIPAA, and reduce the risk of data loss through a comprehensive gap analysis. 

We can help you meet all of your compliance obligations 

6) Network Penetration Test: We can perform vulnerability scans of both your internal (Windows Systems, Unix/Linux Systems, network devices, and databases on the internal network) and external internet-facing public systems 

7) Mobile Application Assessment: During this stage of the test we investigate security surrounding mobile applications that are used by businesses and customers. JED helps businesses build and maintain applications, creating end-to end, full stack , secure development and architectures. This service objective are to ensure applications are appropriately  designed, protected and monitored.


Do you know the most effective steps to prevent and detect adversaries with actionable techniques you can directly apply. Do you have a security road map that can scale into the future.

With advanced persisten threats,it is almost inevitable organizations will be targeted.


Whether attackers are successful depends on the effectiveness of the organization's defense. And defending against attacks is an ongoing challenge, with new threats emerging all the time.


Security Teams need to understand what really works, what hasn't and what will always work.


With JED, we will help arm you with the skills necessary to prevent your organization from making headline news for the wrong reasons. We can help you prepare to ask answer three key questions: 1) What is the risk.. 2) Is it the highest priority risk 3) What is the most cost effective way to reduce risk.


After engaging JED, you will emerge with a healthy understanding of the language and underlying theory of computer and information security.


As  threats evolve, an organization's security should, too.  To enable your organization  to stay on top this ever-changing threat scenario, JED has learned a comprehensive method to implement the 20 Critical Security Controls. These were devised by private and public sector experts around the world. The controls are the best way to block known attacks and mitigate damage from successful ones.



Windows Forensics Analysis


JED can provide a comprehensive analysis of the latest Windows operating systems. Drawing upon successful criminal prosecutions, incidence response, incidence response, media exploitation  and civil litigation, JED help you track the second-by second trail left by intruders on currrent MicroSoft technologies- including Windows 8.1 , Office 365, Skydrive, Sharepoint  and more.


Since you can not protect what you don't know, understanding forensic capabillities and artifacts is a core component of Information Security.  JED has a crucial knowledge base to help you to:


1) Recover, analyze and authenticate forensic data on Windows systems

2) Understand how track detail user activity on your network

3) Validate security tools, enhance vulnerability assessments, identify insider threats, track hackers and improve security policies.

As you probably know, Windows is silently recording large amount of data about you and your users, JED will help you know exactly how to mine that data mountain.

Advanced Digital Forensics and Incident Response


Incident Response tactics have evolved rapidly over the past serveral years. Data breaches and intrusions are increasingly complex. Adversaries no longer compromise one or two systems, they compromise hundreds. You can't afford an antiquated incident response techniques that do not properly identify and contain the breach, or ultimately fail to remedy the incident rapidly.

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JED has a strong working knowledge of the domains, and the analytical skills required to pass the CISSP exam. He has the technical skills required to understand each question. He has the foundational information needed to become a Certified Infomation Systems Security Professional

Enterprise Defender


Building upon a solid foundation of core policies and practices, JED can help hone your security teams abilities. JED uses the Prevent, Detect Response  strategy. Because detection without response has little value, JED has the capabillty to prepare you for the hyper -vigilance required for effective security today and beyond


JED will assist you in securing critical infomation whether it resides on a server within a robust netwok architeture or on a portable device. JED will leave you with empowered techniques for

1) Assessing traffic flow on your networks

2) Indentifying key indicators of an attack

3) Penetration  testing and vulnerability analysis


Finally, JED will help you put it all together by providing methods for harnessing the knowledge of attackers broke into the network so you can build a process for effective preventative measures.

About JED Consulting Services


JED Consulting Services, LLC is a Connecticut-based cyber security company that provides world-class solutions designed to create a safer , more secure technological environment for customers and citizens .

Our services enable government and commercial organization to achieve their missions by helping to prevent security breaches, and stopping threats and attacks.

Originally founded in 1850 by his Great-Great Grandfather known has Donnelly Advertising/ John Donnelly and Sons in Boston Massachusetts. The founder was known as "Honest John" whose family business was instrumental in ending World War II through his Donnelly Electric Company which contributed to the war efforts indirectly.



John Donnelly has been working since 1975 when started his own lawn care service,while also delivering newspapers for the Hartford Times in which he was awarded a trip to Disney World before he was of working age for growing his business and providing consistent quality service.

In 2008 he legally formed his limited liability company after already having earned his Certified Internal Auditor, Certified Information Systems Auditor, Certified Public Accountant designations while working full time for the Foxwoods Resort Casino in their various audit, internal audit, and finance departments beginning in 1994.

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