Meet The Team

Our team can provide: 1) Threat Assessment and analysis, 2) Asset Identification, 3) Vulnerability analysis '

4) Risk Evaluation 5) Interim Report  6) Interim Report 7) Establish risk acceptance criteria 8)Safeguard (countermeasures ) selection with risk mitigation 9) Cost Benefit Analysis 10) Final Report

As a security professional, we know the threats, understand the fundamental information security tools, and are able to apply this knowledge in risk management. 

As discussed throughout this web page, there are vulnerabilities in hardware and software systems we use. Some of these vulnerabilities are weaknesses-  that can be exploited  and used to compromise the system.

These vulnerabilities, combined with threats, add up to the risks  we are exposed to. Risk management is needed to make sure we are prepared just in case those threats become a reality

John E. Donnelly

Founder & Co-Director

O: 860-941-9262