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Mobile Computing

What do you mean "Mobile Computing" ? A physical device that can move outside the Enterprise's security perimeter. Device holds or processes Enterprise data. The question is does the Perimeter exist anymore? In the 1990s mobility meant laptops and notebooks. In 2000s we had portable mass storage devices including USB thumb drives and terabyte hard drives along with mobile phones and some early business apps were focused on business to consumer. More recent generation of mobility include tablets( iPad, Android), ultrabooks, and ubiquitous mobile apps. Cloud solutions are now merging with mobile.

What are the business drivers for Mobile?

Cellphones and tablets are universal, because are you more likely to leave your house with cellphone than with your wallet. Get the job done in the field or even on the beach to be cool.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device/Disaster)

Technology is beginning to loosen itself from Corporate IT Controls. Users want freedom to user their own smart phones, tablets and laptops. This is important for employee satisfaction and productivity. There are also potential cost savings for the Enterprise if they need to buy less hardware and software. But with the expiration of Windows XP support in 2014, organizations are begining to evaluate alternative strategies and are more open to concepts like BYOD

What are Factors do you need analyze for Mobile?

1) Acquisition: Even if users buy their own devices, enterprise must still support them.

2) Connectivity : They will have to go to the VPN and licenses may have to be purchased

3) Help desk: Because users bring their own devices , it doesn't mean they know how to fix their own problems.

4) User training and support issues

Good luck!

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