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IT Audit Leadership: Practical Considerations for Common Challanges

JED can assist in several of the common challenges faced in today's environment. JED can bring ideas and experiences to the table.

Examples relate to the following topics can be shared during the engagment.


  • Managing the relationship with IT

  • IT risk assessment

  • Balancing the audit plan

  • Reconciling staff levels with the risk environment




Cyber or IT Security Management

Management of people, process, and technologies is critical for maintaining proactive enterprise situational awareness and for ongoing success of continuous monitoring efforts. We have the leadership skills, current knowledge , and best practice examples to make timely and effective decisions. that benefit the entire enterprise infomration architecture.

Core Services

Prevention: Data Protection, Network Security, Application Security, Endpoint Security, Secure Configurations,  Active Defense and Patching

Detection: Log Management, Continuous Monitoring, Network Security Monitoring, Red Team, Industry Partnerships, Threat Intelligence , Data Loss Prevention, Security Operations Center

We are here to help!

There's no shortage of Cyber Security Threats, . but there is a shortage of IT security professionals. JED's has what it takes to be part of the solution

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